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Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle

Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle
Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle
Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle

Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle

Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter 10lb Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle. Lifeline 4.0 Liter Mechanical Fire Suppression system is a superb entry-level plumbed in fire extinguisher/bottle system utilizing the Zero 2000 fully integrated design approach. This Lifeline System is one of our best sellers! A great choice when moving up from that hardware store fire extinguisher protecting you now. This system is ideal for such class's as Street Stock, Mini Modified, U-Cars, Dirt Cars, Oval Track Cars, Drag Racing, Rally, Legends, AutoCross, and Vintage etc.

Please check with your sanctioning body rules regarding required Fire Systems to make sure that you are compliant. Not SFI Compliant and Not for Alcohol Type Fires. Lifeline Zero 2000 systems are constructed using only the finest materials and are supplied complete with all of the components required for a professional installation. It performed supremely well in engine fire tests.

Supplied as a complete installation kit with anti-torpedo brackets and all the components necessary for a professional installation. Available in either electrical or mechanical actuation. Zero 2000 is a fully integrated design approach.

Together with the specially designed atomising nozzles, the Zero 2000 compound itself has been specially blended to cope with the rigorous demands of motorsport. The nozzle design divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, cooling and preventing re-ignition. Zero 2000 performed supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus achieved homologation with the FIA, and full compliance with RACMSA.

This particular kit is to meet the minimum requirements of sanctioning bodies not requiring FIA or SFI approval. (1) 6 Foot Pull Cable - Driver Pull and Safety Worker Pull.

(1) 12 Foot Pull Cable. (15) 8mm Feet of Alloy Tubing. Zero 2000 - the first environmentally-friendly extinguisher to combat the problem of Halon replacement. In a world of constant change, Lifeline has consistently led the way, and continues to do so. The choice of world championship winning constructors.

Clean Halon replacement, environmentally acceptable. Excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities. Constant discharge in any orientation. Mechanical systems are operated using pull cables. Each system is supplied with two cables, Decide upon the best position for the pull cables to be mounted, bearing in mind that the cable mounted in the cockpit should be accessible to the driver and/or co-driver when seated in the normal driving position and wearing fully fastened seat belts. The external pull cable is normally mounted on the front scuttle of a saloon car (below windscreen), and by the roll hoop on a single seater or open top vehicle. When installing the pull cable on a saloon car ensure that you leave sufficient clearance for the bonnet to fully open. The pull cables should be routed so that there are no sharp bends or S shapes in the cable thus ensuring easy operation of the cables.

The end of each cable should be passed through the levers of the extinguisher head and secured using the cable clamps attached to the end of the cables. It is advisable to leave a small amount of slack in the cable to prevent accidental firing of the extinguisher.

It is recommended that the cables are periodically lubricated to prevent seizure and checked for smooth operation. It is important that the correct nozzles, supplied with the system, are used. The nozzles will produce an atomized foam spray. This foam spray, with its controlled particle size, has an excellent fire knock-down and fire-out capability.

It covers the area being protected with a milky foam substance which has a cooling effect and also controls re-ignition. At the end of the discharge, as pressure drops, the solution will thicken to a stiffer foam consistency.

The nozzles produce a 90. Full cone spray pattern, with an effective discharge range of 1 meter. This should be borne in mind when locating the nozzles. Each extinguisher kit is supplied with a roll of plastic coated aluminium tube. The system has been designed and homologated to use this type of tube. Under no circumstances should the tubing be changed for another type. To ensure that you get the best possible performance from your Zero 2000 fire system, the following checks and maintenance procedures should be carried out. Regularly check pressure gauge or gauges are in the green sector.

Regularly check Zero 2000 nozzles for obstruction and foreign bodies. Regularly check the integrity of the pipework and the fittings. Regularly inspect the cylinder for damage.

Your Zero 2000 system should be serviced every 2 years. A service date is written on the extinguisher label. It is up to you to ensure that the service is carried out at the correct intervals.

Servicing of the extinguisher must only be carried out by Lifeline or one of its official agents. You will need to send the cylinder, along with nozzles to be serviced. Your Zero 2000 system will be rejected by a Tech Inspector if. The gauge reads in the red sector. The tamper-proof label is not intact. Non-genuine Lifeline parts have been used. The contents are below the specified weight. The extinguisher label is worn or damaged. The extinguisher is not within service date.

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: 106-001-001
  • Brand: Lifeline
  • Equipment Type: Fire System
  • Warranty: No

Lifeline Racing 4.0 Liter Fire Extinguisher System Zero 2000 AFFF Bottle